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Tiffany   Tiffany Longenbaugh
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mafter hair Stylist
(Voted The Best Hair Dresser in Petaluma, 2009)

Tiffany is a competent hair-dresser with seven years of professional experience. Graduated from Redwood Empire Beauty College of Wikiup, Ca in 2002. She started real-life venture with Ellelue Sallon in Santa Rosa in 2002. Then she has work at several beautiful saloons such as Joe Haemar's Saloon (Petaluma, Ca) and Muse Beauty saloon (Petaluma, Ca). She has earned countless recommandations and references from all clients. She is voted to be the best Hair Dresser of Petaluma, CA for the year 2009. Currently, she has established a hair-dressing service at Skin City - 305 Petaluma Blvd. South, Ca 94952. Her available hours are mentioned at the bottom.

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            Tiffany at work: Photo by Amy

Hair Cuts:
short, Long, Trendy, Mens, Womens
Hair Coloring:
Semi, Permanent, Shades, Highlights,
Lowlights, Chunking, Foiling, Baliage
Hair Styling:
Short, Meduim, Long, Prom, Men, Curly, Layered
Hair Makeover, Hair fashion

Blonde - Color & style Styling & coloring - Dark Blonde
K - Products

Beachy Waves: Rave Wave: Smooth Wave:
Pony Up: Damaged Fix:Tousled Look:
Short & Sassy: Shining Spirals: Soft & Shiny:
Strong Holds: Juicy Curls:Sleek & strait:Up Do:

Coloring - Light Styling & coloring - Light

Tuesday: 9 am - 8 pm
Thursday 9 am - 8 pm
Saturday 9 am - 1 pm

Brunette - Color & styleStyling & coloring - Brunette
GO 24/7

Tiffany Longenbaugh
(707) 799-0813 (Direct cell)
(707) 766-9903 (Business)
305 Petaluma Blvd. S.
CA 94952

Men Hair Style Men Hair Styling

Shampoo for Men:

K - Products,
GO - 24/7,

Blonde - Color & style Styling & coloring - Blonde
Tiffany - Master Hair Stylist Tiffany Longenbaugh
(Voted The Best Hair Dresser in Petaluma, 2009)
I have been a long-time client for Tiffany since 2001.
I live all over the San Francisco Bay area, north bay, south bay...
Every time I visit her saloon for hair-dressing, all I have to do is just to sit down and relax. There is no need to explain or talk too much. So I sit and take a nap on the dressing-chair and then I fall asleep. When I wake up after 20 minutes, I always find that everything has been taken care of nicely. She always do the job PERFECTLY, QUICKLY and EFFICIENTLY. I strongly recommand Tiffany to be a very competent and outstanding hair dresser in north bay.

Roland Khin
(707) 548-8110
Sunnyvale/ San Francisco/ Santa Rosa, Ca.
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Color Chart

Are you looking for a new look in your life?
Discover hidden beauty in you. Possibilities are endless!!!

Enhance your your hair's tone, experiment with a dramatic new look, or cover greys with color that reflectss your personal style. Mater Hair Stylist helps you find your perfect shade.

We offers Hair Coloring advice and free hair coloring tips and ideas. Everything from how to choose a hair color to removing coloring that you may not like.

Images on the left aresample pictures of the different density levels of color that you can choice for your hair coloring. Unique colors that do not include in this color sample chart are also availabe.

Permanent hair coloring techniques have received the greatest popularity among all other coloring procedures. It accounts for about 70% of all hair dye process in the US and abroad.

These permanent dyes are able to lighten or darken natural hair color and can easily cover large amounts of gray hair.

Also, they are able to produce a long lasting effect on the hair color . They are readily available in any retail store in almost any shade, from natural colors to exotic greens, reds, blues or purples.

Past hair coloring techniques often made it necessary to camouflage a “dye job” with a perky cut or a wig. Lightening jet-black hair meant hours of bleaching that left hair looking more like yellow straw than platinum blond. Towheads, who wanted a darker shade, were often left with a gothic look before gothic was a trend and those looking for strawberry blond commonly got fire-engine red.

Of course, modern hair coloring techniques made fire-engine red a fashion trend instead of a hair coloring catastrophe! Modern hair coloring techniques add true dimension to style right down to the natural movement of your hair. Highlights, twilights, and lowlights are just a few of the choices that enhance both your face and your hairstyle. In addition, hair coloring techniques include veiling and chunking.

Choosing a Hair Color
Time was when your hair color choices were blonde, red, brunette, and black, but those days are long gone! Each basic hair color comes in a full array of choices from platinum blonde to jet-black. Moreover, the modern consumer must choose from non-traditional hair colors that range from hot pink to chartreuse.

First Hair Color Choices
The best method in choosing a hair color is first to choose the results you want from it. Depending on whether you are covering gray, highlighting a natural hair color, or using hair color to completely change your image, knowing what you want helps you to narrow down hair coloring choices.

Choosing a Compatible Hair Color
After you’ve decided on results and made your commitment, it’s time to get out the color wheel. Beauty experts tell us that we’re either “cool” or “warm” depending on our skin tone, eye color, and natural hair color.

Hair Styles

Hair Styles